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B20, a Next Gen Venture Studio Based in ATX

The 90 Day MVP

We assign a cross-functional team to Brainstorm, Architect, Build, Test, Iterate and Deliver a fully functioning product to you in 90 days. 

The 90 Day MVP

We Evaluate All Ideas. Deciding to start something is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur can do! While we'd love to work on every project, we go through a comprehensive multi-point review of every prospect and will only take a project on if we believe we can truly make a difference. Just to make sure we're managing all expectations and completely transparent, a strong product requires a strong team. A typical project will have a team of 3 assigned for 3 months, and will cost around $100,000. On occasion, we will invest in MVPs alongside our partners acting as pre-seed investors in exceptional companies.

MVP Development

We Evaluate All Ideas

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