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B20, a Next Gen Venture Studio Based in ATX

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We've been building companies for over 15 years.  We enjoy leaning into emerging technology trends and navigating new waters. We build projects that we love and partner with founders and world class teams to help them bring their ideas to life. We're happiest when going from zero to one and are one of the few Venture Studios that can take an idea end-to-end; starting from a napkin sketch through to shipping a product enjoyed by millions. Our full stack team goes beyond tech and enjoys incubating new ideas supporting product vision, go-to-market strategy, marketing and revenue generation. We invest capital and sweat across our portfolio and in promising entrepreneurs with exciting ideas.

Have a great new product idea and nobody to start building it?

We’re your team. Contact us now!

About B20 - Build. Scale. Repeat. 

The Real MVP

Have an Idea but no time to build a world class dev team? First time Founding Team? We can help you get from whiteboard to functioning Minimally Viable Product (MVP). Think of it like an MVP as a Service.

Dealer's Choice

You're the star! Reach out with your idea and we can help you think through the go-to-market and scope out next steps .

You're the star of the show, reach out with your product needs and ideas and we can help think through the product, go-to-market, and launch strategy across any industry.

AI Strategy & Development

Want to build an AI app? Implementing AI Workflows into your Org? Want your team or customers to be able to talk to your data? Grab a meeting with our AI/ML Team!


AI Data Marketplace

Anyone that presents a piece of information to a user is facing an existential crisis. 


Partner with Dappier to deploy branded conversational AI experiences across your sites, apps, socials or any endpoints where you want to meet your customers, keep them engaged, and unlock new revenue.

Data Happier


TV for Web3

Rewarded TV is gamifying free TV for the next-generation of streaming.
Earn rewards, badges, and powerful digital collectibles that transform your streaming experience just by watching and sharing your favorite movies, TV shows and live channels.


Next Generation Video

Replay tracks video content usage on playback and records on the blockchain enabling transparency for all stakeholders in the video value-chain, from content providers through to content consumers and everyone in between. Replay is focused on the building the infrastructure for next generation video experiences.

Imagine Replay


Digital Advertising at Scale

In today's digital landscape, consumers are no longer confined to a single screen. They engage with content on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. We empower advertisers to connect with their target audience wherever they are.  Unlock the Power of Multi-Screen Reach.



Our dynamic and cross-functional team has worked together for years and is our superpower.

We stay lean and help your product do one thing well.

We go beyond the build, helping you think about your target market, launch, and growth strategy.

We move quickly to get your product out into the wild, and iterate with you to product market fit.

Wanna know what it's like to work with us?

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Turnkey Video Distribution allows content producers and distributors to ingest, organize, distribute, and monetize to nearly any digital destination.  Whether you need a native app on Roku or Samsung or a linear channel for PlexTV or VizioTV; from ad supported to native-OS transactions for rentals, purchases, or subscriptions; we’ve got you covered. 


Acquired by BitCentral in 2021

Enterprise Ad Tech


Building on top of Mojiva, Mocean Mobile determined to build best in class enterprise ad-tech for businesses building in mobile. The company powered dozens of ad networks and served as the mobile monetization backbone for global leaders like Skype, NBC Universal, and Microsoft.

Mocean Mobile


Acquired by Pubmatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) in 2014

Ad-Tech for Marketplaces


Born Alongside All Gen-1 Marketplaces Dandelion was focused on building ad tech that was native to marketplaces like Airbnb, Etsy, Eventbrite, Shopify, and more.



Acquired by Metric Collective/Boostable in 2015

Mobile Advertising

Born in 2007, just a few months before Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, Mojiva was a pioneering mobile ad network serving leading mobile publishers and agencies.



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